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Our Razors Are Worth
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Men Are Saying.

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I have pretty sensitive skin, so I love that the razor has lubrication before and after the blades, which combined with the 2-in-1 Sensitive shave gel, left my skin with no bumps or irritation afterwards unlike lots of other razors I have used before.


Male, 21 yrs old, NV


The Gillette Fusion ProShield is a heck of a good razor. It provided a smooth shave and a close cut. The FlexBall technology allows it to contour to your face for an incredibly close and smooth shave. Easily beats out my Harry's razor.


Male, 29 yrs old, TX


I did not expect this razor to be any different from any other razor. It totally shattered my expectations. It's movement, lubrication strips, and single blade edger are fantastic. Easy to use, no effort needed when shaving around your chin or cheeks. It left my skin so smooth and with no razor burns.


Male, 39 yrs old, CA


I have a very thick beard which I have to shave every other day. I actually was able to go a few days longer without shaving than I usually do with other razors. Also I did not break out or get razor burn. The shaving cream was amazing as well.


Male, 25 yrs old, North Port, FL


I had switched away from manual razors because I was getting much better results with an electric razor I purchased. However, the Gillette Fusion ProShield Manual Razor with FlexBall Technology is getting me equal, if not better results with a razor that is a fraction of the size.


Male, 40 yrs old, NJ


I have a very thick beard which I have to shave every other day. I actually was able to go a few days longer without shaving than I usually do with other razors. Also I did not break out or get razor burn. The shaving cream was amazing as well.


Male, 25 yrs old, FL


I was surprised how sharp and flexible these were. They really got all the areas of my face easily. The lubrication really works; you can really feel it on your face while you shave. The other lubricated razors I have tried have been a disappointing. Only downside was the razor wore down relatively quickly.


Male, 37 yrs old, TX


The contours under my neck were handled very easily and shaved cleaner with fewer strokes and less irritation. I have a thin line beard which was very hard to keep crisp with the very thick lubrication strips. I also miss the single blade at the top.


Male, 39 yrs old, NC


This is a good razor. It gives you a good, close shave. I'm not sure the ball is a lot of help, but with the five blades it moves smoothly over the skin. I wondered if it would be clunky, but it fits well in your hand. The edge blade is nice to have.


Male, 40 yrs old, WV


I have been an ardent user of Gillette Mach3 and have not been able to find a replacement until recently. The overall touch & feel of razor is phenomenal, the grip is very good, the blades deliver a fantastic shave. I am definitely going to stick to ProShield for a long time.


Male, 33 yrs old, PA


The blades are unbelievable and sharp! I have a very thick beard and it grows at an extraordinary rate, so I have to shave every morning.


Male, 39 yrs old, NY


I have always been very impressed with Gillette products, and the Fusion ProGlide Cartridges didn't let me down. The product is very well made, and feels sturdy against your face. The shave itself was consistent, and very close. The blades were sharp enough that I could on occasions get away with not using shave gel altogether (although I will not suggest that).


Male, 34 yrs old, MN


Fortunately Gillette has their Fusion ProGlide Cartridge system that delivers really good sharp blades that last. The cartridges are amazing, the first time you use them you get a wonderful smooth shave, but the best part is that smooth shave will last for at least a week.


Male, 60 yrs old, CA


I think that these GILLETTE fusion Proglide Cartridges are wonderful. I will recommend these to all my buds.


Male, 52 yrs old, PA


It formed a luscious lather that allowed my razor to just effortlessly slide across my face. The razor cartridges were unbelievable. . It was so comfortable and close that I will never use any other razor again.


Male, 51 yrs old, NY


Getting the subscription eliminates the trip to the store and avoids the long lines. Just open your medicine chest and there they are. Glad I was able to try these. Gillette's razors and shave gel are top notch.


Male, 44 yrs old, TX


Performance and quality are above and beyond a 5 star rating. I always get a close shave and the lifetime of the blades is awesome. Pricing is affordable but could be a tad more affordable. The idea of getting the razors in the mail consistently would be so convenient. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and associates.


Male, 54 yrs old, OH


I have always thought the Gillette brand was awesome. I always get a great shave using the ProGlide cartridges in my Fusion razor. What could make this better you might ask? I believe the subscription kit is what made this better! I received my razors right in my mailbox at the curb! Everyone who shaves should give this a try!


Male, 43 yrs old, NJ


I couldn't believe how smooth and close a shave I got from the 5-cartridge system used by Proglide. . I have recommended this product to numerous family members and friends and all have told me that they love it. I will use this shaving system for the rest of my life.


Male, 51 yrs old, NY


I was pleased with the lifespan of the blades and I was able to get 5-6 shaves out of each blade before moving on to the next. All in all, I was very pleased with the quality of the products included in this kit. Probably my favorite part of this kit is simply that; it comes as a kit that is delivered as part of a subscription service.


Male, 32 yrs old, NC


Upon receiving the subscription kit, I felt that it was a great tool to manage shaving. The thought of having shaving cream and cartridges delivered on an ongoing, regular basis is fantastic.


Male, 43 yrs old, TX


With every new product iteration, that shave gets better. The most recent generation, with Flexball technology and a million blades (5), and the amazing gel strip provides a clean, close, comfortable shave.


Male, 36 yrs old, NY


As always, the product is great. I've been using the ProGlide lineup ever since it was released. I love the subscription Idea, so much that I have considered trying the other razor subscription service, simply as a matter of convenience.


Male, 45 yrs old, OH


I was a member of another shave club and was planning on canceling for the new Gillette product. Now being given the opportunity to see what its all about I did just that. For me it was a clear choice of close shave and from Gillette I truly believe Gillette got it right with this product, and BTW the Shave Gel has one of the best scents out there. Plus, my wife loves it.


Male, 39 yrs old, CT


If you think you are saving money with dollar store razors you better forget it I have been using the Gillette Pro Glide razor over two months and I’m still getting a close shave with the Gillette gel. If you think a dollar razor is the answer try the Gillette Pro Glide and you will never look back.


Male, 60 yrs old, FL


I've been a long time Gillette user and figured I'd give the subscription service a try. I've received my first kit and it's exactly as promised: fresh cartridges and shave gel delivered to my house. I expect the next one in a few weeks. I like that you can customize the delivery schedule. All in all, a great idea!


Male, 45 yrs old, DC


I need to mention how happy I am with these blades. I've used Gillette regularly in the past and have never been too impressed with the closeness or longevity. But I'm overly impressed with these blades. You can feel a noticeable difference in the closeness of the shave and the results of your skin.


Male, 33 yrs old, WA


I have been using the ProGlide Razor for a few months now and it's been phenomenal very smooth and clean shave. I would say that if the service was cheap enough (around $5 to $7 a month) I would probably do it because I don't go through blades very quickly. Having a subscription service lets you take the hassle out of razor refills because you get them every month automatically and don't have to worry about running out.


Male, 26 yrs old, AL


I love the idea of the Gillette cartridge and shave gel subscription it helps save you time and the worry of running out of blades and shave gel. The blades give you that extra close shave you want while the gel helps make your skin smooth.


Male, 31 yrs old, NY


It was pretty surprising to me that the first blade I put in almost three weeks ago from my regular use of 3-4 shaves a week. As this was a stress test of sorts for the product, there was minimal upkeep of the blades, aside from a regular rinsing, even abstaining from the usual ritual of rinse, dry, and a few passes on some old denim to clear the blades of detritus. In terms of sheer longevity, I am impressed. I figure I probably have another week or so on these blades, rounding out a blade a...Show more > month. The next blade I use, I will likely attempt with standard upkeep procedure to determine how well they perform.


Male, 30 yrs old, CT


My face so smooth that my son slaps my cheeks when I don't shave—he's not used to the whiskers! These blades get so close I can even skip a day and they last so long. If you're looking for a fantastic close shave that leaves your a smooth as you know what, these are the blades for you. I can't imagine using another brand of blades.


Male, 33 yrs old, FL


After I started using the Mach3 I have discontinued use of any and all shaving cream. With the sharp blade I simply turn on the shower to a high heat and let the hot water run over my face, that causes my pours to open up. The cost of the Mach3 is not cheap I would pay double because of how long they provide a clean shave.


Male, 34 yrs old, FL


Amazing product. When the blades arrived, I had a four-day growth, so it was grown in pretty good. I used the blades & it shaved up close with out a problem. I know use it regularly & it keeps me nice and smooth.


Male, 49 yrs old, MA


The Gillette MACH3 Turbo Cartridges are some of my favorite razors to shave with. They provide a very close shave. They also rinse off easily, which is something I look for in a razor. I will definitely recommend the Gillette MACH3 Turbos to friends and family!


Male, 42 yrs old, FL


Put quite simply, these razors work. Like any other razor, they shave your face. I personally have never bought a razor that didn't provide a good shave, but if your particular face requires a multi-blade high-end razor, then the MACH3 Turbo might be for you. These are available as a subscription kit, so if nothing else, if you find that too many day elapse between you using up the last cartridge and getting to the store and you can't quite rock the scruff look, then the delivery service aspect...Show more > of the MACH3 is probably the top selling point.


Male, 39 yrs old, PA


I use this to shave both my face and my head. Gives me a good smooth feeling when I am done. Generally the aloe bar is a good indicator that it is time to change the blade. I recommend this product for anybody who values a good smooth shave.


Male, 30 yrs old, MI


I have very sensitive skin. Then I tried the Mach3 Turbo blades with the Gillette Mach3 Complete Defense Sensitive Sensible shave gel. I received four blades and the shave gel through a subscription kit. Plus, the combination of the gel and the blades gives me a very close shave.


Male, 50 yrs old, NV


As ridiculous as the razor blade arms race is, the Mach3 Turbo with its numerous blades provides a very comfortable, smooth shave. With the Mach3 blade there is no need to go against the grain and cause all that aggravation. The gel and blades provide a very close and comfortable shave even with the grain.


Male, 37 yrs old, CA


I am a long time user of the Mach3 blades and couldn't be more excited to have them delivered directly to my door. The Mach3 blades get a close and smooth shave. Add in the Gillette sensitive shaving cream and it's like the hair removes itself. No rough stubble. All too often I find myself using a blade way longer than it was intended to be used because I just can't seem to remember to pick one up at the store. No longer will that be an issue because I will be automatically billed and shipped...Show more > my refills without a second thought!


Male, 32 yrs old, WI


The Mach3 Turbo razor has a smooth shave, and holds up over time. I find myself going back to the cartridge case less often with this razor than others. It has the right amount of strength and give, and gives me a great shave.


Male, 37 yrs old, IL


I have used every wet razor on the market. The Mach3 was perfection from day one. Effective, smooth, and most important clears hair easily. It does pull slightly more than a five blade, but a clean sharp blade does just as well. This is my go to razor for everything I shave, very rare to get a knick. Simply one of the easiest overall razor I've used.


Male, 30 yrs old, MI


This kit is great. The MACH3 razors leave my skin feeling baby smooth. Now to have them come with shaving gel and delivered to my door just makes this kit a must have for any man with stubble. I highly recommend this product and gave it 5 stars because it is that good.


Male, 41 yrs old, CT


Ok so I've been using this product for the past few weeks and I have yet to experience the need to replace the blade. That's really saying something because I have very thick and coarse facial hair and I shave every day. The blade cuts exceptionally well on the upstroke. I will be recommending this to my buddies for sure.


Male, 37 yrs old, CA


I have used the Mach3 razor for the last five years. I wouldn't even think about buying another razor. I love this product.


Male, 53 yrs old, WV


These cartridges are great! They give me a close shave. They're easy to change. I love the number of blades for a perfect close shave. You really cannot go wrong with these razors.


Male, 36 yrs old, NJ


The blades come four in a pack. I've been getting more than a week out of each blade. And I do 3 passes across my face, once with the grain, once across the grain in one direction, and once across the grain in the other direction. The blades are extremely easy to change. They leave my face nice and smooth regardless of which shaving cream I use. I think the blades have gotten better because years ago when I used the same blades, I could only get 6-7 days of shaving at one pass across the face...Show more > from each blade. I love them.


Male, 45 yrs old, IL


I eagerly began using the Gillette Mach3 Turbo blades they day they arrived. After a few shaves with the Gillette Mach3 Turbo, the toilet paper dots are thing of the past. It glides of the curves and contour of my face and leaves all my skin intact. The shave is so smooth and close I can go an extra day without shaving. I've been using the blade every 3 days since I got them, and it still feels brand new.


Male, 33 yrs old, FL


At first, I thought it was just like my normal razors I've always used in appearance, but when I shaved my full grown goatee with little effort. I was convinced. The few pennies I thought I was actually saving on my old brand were actually costing me a bunch more with more frequent changes.


Male, 33 yrs old, GA

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